Vishakhpatnam “The City Of Destiny”

Lovely Beaches, Thrilling Adventures, Hills and valleys are the pictures flashed through mind while think of Vizag, the coolest and lovely place to roam around with family or friends.  

It is the best place in Andhra Pradesh where you can invite happiness and joy into your life. The colours of life will be experienced here with Beaches, hills, Natural Beauty spots, man made attractions and many more. You’ll find ups and downs as the city itself was built on hills. When you walk down through the streets of vizag you’ll amaized by watching the friendship of sea and sky, as from far we can see that they are one. 

RK Beach (Rama Krishna Beach) in Vizag is where one can spend whole day to enjoy  Bay of Bengal. There are numerous street stalls to shop and take a chance to enjoy street food . The climate here will make you to visit again and again.   Rishikonda Beach is one of the Best Beaches in vizag where the view of from top of the hill will be nothing but Awesome. Yerrada Beach is also one of the beautiful beach in Vizag. .

KAILASAGIRI a   hill which is designed as a Hill Top Park is one the favourite spots for children and youth. The Beauty of the vizag city and Beaches will make our eyes fill with happy, when we see from top of Kailasagiri. There are many adventurous things to do on this Hill Top park Kailasagiri. You can plan to access Kailasagiri Park either  by trekking  or by Rope Way. Accessing the park by Rope way gives you a thrilling experience. It is a must visit place when you visit vizag timings are from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm.

INS KUSURA, the only Sub Marine Museum situated in vizag which was used Navy during 1968 .The guide will explain you every single detail of the submarine like the captains room, controller room, food storage things etc….. This will really make you feel the life in Submarine.

DOLPHIN NOSE, a Hill shaped as Dolphin Nose is one of the attractions of Vizag City located at the sea shore where we can feel the Nature and due to this Dolphin Nose vizag has less impact by cyclones . 

INDIRA GANDI ZOOLOGICAL PARK  is completely packed with  animals, reptails, rare birds, etc. and  will be definetly be a fun to roam around the zoo and see the wild life. For many people it is a favourite spot of picnic. There are many species like leopard, Bengal tiger, lions, ostriches, giraffes, bears, foxes, monkeys, deer’s, swans, various types of butterflies, rare birds etc…. This zoo will make you feel that you are quite in the middle of a jungle. To access this park there will be cycle lenders, Jeep drivers for whom you have to pay extra money. The timings of this zoo park are 9:00 Am to 5:00 pm.

The best part of being in Visakhapatnam is you can taste a wide range of South Indian flavors all around. Bhiryani in Alfa Restaurant, break fast in venkatadri vantillu, Maggie on the top of Rishikonda, sweets in Laddu Gopal and sarvani are the best food you can get here. 

When ever you recollect, VISAKAPATNAM for sure the city will bring a smile on your face. Come visit “The City of Destiny” and take back loads of memories and cherishing moments with you

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