Udaipur Tales

The  4th  edition of Udaipur Tales International Story Telling Festival will take place on the 11th,12th and 13th of November 2022 at Bamboo Saa Resort Udaipur. Udaipur Tales International Story Telling Festival is an endeavor to popularize the oral tradition of storytelling. Three-day storytelling festival, founded by Ms. Sushmita Singha and Mr. Salil Bhandari who are firm believers in bringing back the art of storytelling which envisages a platform where the young and old can participate & enjoy storytelling and grow rich in values & experience.

 The festival has become an astounding success with storytellers from across the globe taking the audience on a mesmeric journey.  The event has emerged as one of the prime storytelling festivals in India. Stories of the world echoed in the city of lakes when musicians and storytellers from around the globe took the audiences on a hypnotic journey.

The 4th edition of the festival will carve its magic and showcase different genres of Storytellers like Dr. Himanshu Bajpai Genre: Kissagoi, Prithviraj Choudhury  Genre: Contemporary, Shantanu Guharay Genre: Murder & Mystery, Roohani Sisters, Genre: Sufi, Dr. Santhushya Fernando, Genre: Srilankan Stories, Susmita Mookherjee, Genre: Hues of Womanhood, Adhaar Khurana, Genre, Bittersweet political comedy, Saif Ali Khan (expected), Genre: History– history, romance, mystic, mystery, and an exclusive children’s segment.

A generous mix of folk art performances and fusion musical forms will add magical moments to the intimate edition of weaving magic with stories, spoken words, and live music.

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