Third Wave Coffee opens its flagship store in Delhi

Third Wave Coffee, a premium coffee brand that built a close-knit, loyal community of coffee lovers in Bengaluru since its launch in 2016 has now opened its flagship store in Delhi. With this new cafe, the brand currently clocks a total of 21 cafes in India eighteen in Bengaluru and three in Delhi and Gurgaon and plans to expand to over 300 stores in 20 cities by FY ’23.

Third Wave coffee is the brainchild of three young coffee aficionados — Sushant Goel, Ayush Bathwal and Anirudh Sharma — who travelled across several Arabica coffee estates across North Karnataka to find the perfect coffee brew for the Indian palate. Today, the brand sources 100 % Arabica beans from 14 different estates and curates high-quality, ethically sourced coffee accompanied by a thoughtfully put-together menu of savoury and sweet food products for its band of loyalists across its cafes. The Third Wave Coffee’s GK II outlet offers a personal, inclusive space for its customers that helps foster relationships over a cuppa.

“What keeps us going is what we’d like to call a ‘coffee high! It’s so addictive, we’re gearing up for a rapid expansion spree over the next couple of years. With a median age of 31, India has one of the largest young populations in the world. With most of these youngsters falling in the high disposable income group that consumes premium brands more frequently, we see a huge demand for a superior, responsibly sourced and authentic product like Third Wave Coffee that also offers a unique experience to coffee lovers. We aim to serve our exclusive blends in over 300 cafes across 20+ cities by FY ’23,” said Sushant Goel, Founder, Third Wave Coffee.

Third Wave Coffee operates its own fully equipped centre where coffee beans are roasted, brewed, and developed into bespoke blends. The brand has introduced in India, the ‘Third Wave movement’ that is dedicated to providing high-quality coffee brewed to perfection from farm to cup.

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