The new executive committee takes over the reins of the Tourism Professionals Club

The Annual General Meeting of the Tourism Professionals club selected a new vibrant team of passionate tourism professionals to the executive committee to take over the reins of the Tourism Professionals Club.

The new executive committee unanimously selected Mr. Shaik Ismail as the President. Mr. Shaik Ismail is a seasoned professional who has been leading TPC to greater levels in the past too. Mr. Shaik Ismail’s undisputed personality has always been a boon to TPC.  Mr. Shaik is a great visionary, whose thoughts lead to the forming of TPC in 2003.

Mr. Ratheesh R Nath is the new secretary of TPC. Mr. Ratheesh’s simple, supportive, and mature approach to the issues faced by travel agents has always been a great relief to the members. His vast knowledge and experience would surely help TPC to scale greater heights.

Treasurer Mr. Ramesh P is always loved for his humble approach. Vice Presidents are Mr. Binoy P Nair and Mr. Rajneesh S R .  The position of Joint secretaries have been adorned by Mr. Arun Karath and Mr. Praveen Kumar.  Sarath Aravind is the joint treasurer.

Ms. Limy Manish and Ms. Saraswathi in the executive committee exhibit the presence of women’s power. Though fewer in number, they are sure to dominate the committee with their strong opinions.  The position of CEO is safe in the hands of Ms. Remya Sreejith who has proved her mettle in the past years by successfully holding various positions on the executive committee. The presence of the immediate past Secretary Mr. Amal Senan would help the executive committee to execute all activities in an effective way.

The executive committee also comprises a strong, experienced, and creative bunch of members like Mr. Bimal Vas, Mr. Francis Antony, Mr. Lijo Jose, Mr. Manu Thomas, Mr. Raj Thulasidharan, Mr. Vinay K Rajan, and Mr. Ravi Varma.

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