The Amal Way of Life

Amal Tamara offers the perfect ambiance to achieve the balance of body, mind, and spirit. Here, your days will be spent in complete tranquillity, surrounded by the breath-taking backwaters, swaying palm trees, and chirping birds. Rest all your senses and immerse yourself in the peace and quiet of Alleppey, enjoy glimpses of the rich local culture, and detox with fresh, wholesome, vegetarian meals, prepared specially for your needs, as directed by your consultations with Ayurveda experts at the retreat.

Amal Tamara’s wellness philosophy is Chikitsa Chatushpada – a unique Ayurvedic concept, referring to the idea that four limbs of a curative programme, namely, the physician, the patient, the therapist, and the medicine itself, must work in synergy. Their approach bridges the traditional ayurvedic concept with modern-day luxury to create a perfect symphony of contemporary Ayurveda for your comfort and wellness.

Ayurveda at Amal Tamara is focused on the body’s natural ability to heal – helping the body to renew and rejuvenate. Here, you will embark on a journey as an Amal Yatri, your path to Ayurveda for life. They prioritise offering you a holistic healing experience while you are with Amal Tamara. In addition, the retreat staff cares deeply about ensuring that you can carry Ayurveda’s best practices home with you.

The Doctors at Amal Tamara will help guests to absorb the principles of this time-tested school of medicine, allowing for lifestyle changes that will extend far beyond your stay with them. As Amal Yatris, guests become a part of a community with long-term access to their space and experts.

Staying with Amal

A true healing journey is best when tranquillity, comfort, warm and thoughtful accommodation that assures guests the privacy and convenience during their stay at  Amal Tamara.  Amal offers guests three categories of rooms to choose from Astha,  Ekta, and Idha Rooms


Idha rooms, the most spacious at Amal Tamara are 550 sq. ft. + a private balcony overlooking the backwater. The features of an Ekta room, with an additional walk-in closet or changing area, are designed in the traditional Kerala style of architecture. For a long stay, the added space and comfort can make the world of a difference, offering you the warmth, privacy, and convenience, you need for your healing journey.


The Ekta rooms are 450 sq. ft. in size + a private balcony overlooking the backwater that offers guests all the features of an Astha room, with an additional seating area – perfect for those staying for longer periods of time, or those who enjoy a little added space. Private bathrooms and balconies allow for all the comforts of home, with the added perk of waking up to the stunning view of the lake outside your window.


Complete with a private balcony, overlooking the Vembanadu lake, the Astha rooms at Amal Tamara have 350 sq. ft. + a private balcony. Elegantly designed with hardwood furniture, a convenient workspace, single or twin beds with linen bedding, a foyer, and a private bathroom, are perfect for your healing journey.

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