Sucheta Pal honoured with ‘First Ladies’ felicitation

Sucheta Pal, an example of reborn idealism or hope, who has been selected and awarded as the indestructible women to have broken all the barriers in their respective fields. The Union ministry of Women and Child development honored her with ‘First Ladies’ felicitation along with other trailblazing women like Mrs Aishwarya Rai Bachhan, Ms. Bachendri Pal and Deepa Karmakar. 

Sucheta Pal, Global brand ambassador for Zumba® was congratulated with “First Ladies” award by President Mr. Ram Nath Kovind for her extraordinary achievement in the fitness sector and defeating the stereotypes.

Addressing the gathering, the President spoke about the positive changes in participation of women in country’s overall progress. He also added due to prejudiced mindsets, women are still victims of violence. They need to feel secure in public places, and this should be a matter of concern for all of us. Along with the government, it is the responsibility of every section of society.

The Minister for Women and Child Development, Mrs. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi said, “Keeping up with the solemn spirit of Empowered Nari, the Ministry conceptualized ‘First Ladies’. These First Ladies rose through barriers, standards and oppressive notions to become the first women to excel in the fields which were thought to be beyond them”.

Sucheta who was grown up in Ranchi was well aware of the social status of her parents defined by the education of their children. At 25, she quit her IT job, and set to work. She enrolled herself into a professional dance school in Mumbai and lived on vada pavs that she earned from three odd jobs she did to survive in India’s dreams city. Situation went bad to worse when she was diagnosed with IBS and social anxiety disorder, but with her sheer determination she defeated all her issues and was given the role of a Zumba Education Specialist, tasked with the relaunch of the largest branded workout Zumba in India in 2012.

Receiving the award Sucheta Pal said “It was a feeling of pride to be recognized as a women leader in the wellness and fitness domain. I thank the Government of India for recognizing my efforts together with that of the entire Zumba community of India. The effort to create an economic and social change in India by empowering women and men through health and wellness has been rewarded today.”

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