Silversea collaborator and world-renowned photographer, Steve McCurry was inducted into the prestigious International Photography Hall of Fame  2019  at an awards ceremony in St. Louis, Missouri. The accolade is among the most momentous milestones reachable by a photographer and commends a lifetime of achievement for the legendary artist.

Silversea Cruises proudly congratulates McCurry on his accomplishment. Since the launch of the global creative collaboration in 2017, the photographer has undertaken no fewer than 25 immersive journeys with Silversea, capturing more than 500 images of intriguing cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and unique moments around the world.

Among the many places, his travels with Silversea have taken him, McCurry counts the Galapagos as his favorite, describing the remote archipelago as “a time capsule and an inspiring place.” He says that to be able to explore the Galapagos Islands on a ship the same way Darwin did “was a childhood dream that came true.”

Commenting on his latest accolade, McCurry says: “It is an honour to have my work recognized by such an important organization as the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum, which strives to preserve and share the art of photography. Whenever I travel, I am driven to look for unique moments, to capture the expression of the individual human experience. My  travels  with  Silversea have enabled me to do exactly this; together, we’ve journeyed deep into many destinations around the world.”

Other destinations visited by McCurry with Silversea include Mongolia, Svalbard, Papua New Guinea, Bhutan, Kolkata, Russia, Jordan and Vietnam, to name a few.

 When asked about his process for taking meaningful pictures of a culture without intruding, McCurry explained: “the best way to capture the essence of a culture is to treat people with respect. Establish a friendly smile. Most people like to be photographed. You need to make them comfortable around you, with humour.”

“We are thrilled to learn of Steve’s induction into the International Photography Hall of Fame, and we congratulate him on this outstanding career milestone,” says Barbara Muckermann, Silversea’s Chief Marketing Officer. “A curious traveller with an insatiable passion for discovering the authentic beauty of the world, Steve McCurry is the perfect ambassador for our cruise line. Our guests share Steve’s desire for complete immersion into destinations, experiences and moments. The results of our pioneering collaboration are exceptional: his images not only take travellers on a journey, but they change us forever.”

Silversea Cruises also congratulates the seven other photographers who were inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame in 2019: Bruce Davidson, Elliott Erwitt, Ralph Gibson, Mary Ellen Mark, Paul Nicklen, Olivia Parker, and Tony Vaccaro.


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