Today we live in a world that is totally impossible without the erudite Smartphones. These where sold as hot cakes last year and the industry is poised to grow at a greater pace this year.

The trend of clearer, crisper selfies and bezel less displays further boosted the growth of this industry in India in 2017. With hundreds of crores being spent on the branding and marketing of these smartphone brands, let’s see how well they managed to connect with their fan base through Facebook in the past year.

Samsung is at the helm again with over 43 million fan base, a healthy Like Score of 0.051 and CB Score (Compu Brain score) of 0.019. Apple continued to avoid Facebook presence with zero posts in the past year. The brand still continues to have a loyal fan base of almost 11 million. One Plus gained major momentum in 2017, with the launch of a number of new phones. It has an impressive CB Score of 0.096, Like Score of 0.279 and an average of 390 comments per post.

Vivo and Oppo continue to fuel in lots of money to reach the Indian mobile user community. Vivo has a decent CB Score of 0.039, 19 million fan bases, and a total of 709 posts along with an average of 21,810 likes per post. Meanwhile, Oppo sped ahead with 34 million followers, an average of 40,683 likes and 1,327 shares per post. Its CB Score of 0.041 shows how the brand is very serious about further expanding its penetration in the Indian customer base.

Consumers can expect to get wowed with more amazing features and impressive marketing tactics this year.

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