Silversea Cruises has invested in the training and development of its crew with the debut of a new digital training platform. The program named the Silversea Learning Platform rolled out ahead of the line’s healthy return to service and is accessible to all crew online, from both onboard and ashore.

With the recent addition of two new ships to its fleet, three new ships on order, and a firm commitment to ensuring and even enhancing its industry-leading service standards as it leads the resumption of ultra-luxury cruising, Silversea Cruises will continue to invest in recruiting and training the best crew at sea.

The new e-learning platform includes two courses devoted exclusively to the cruise line’s comprehensive set of science-backed health and safety procedures. Its nearly 200 modules—covering the safety and well-being of guests and crew, environmental protection, regulatory compliance, and much more—are tailored to specific job classifications.

In addition to self-paced mandatory modules, crew members have access to a variety of optional courses for further study and skills advancement. The online learning experience complements Silversea’s existing program of classroom-style and hands-on training and workshops.

“The Silversea Learning Platform is a significant step toward ensuring that new and returning crew will have convenient access to our latest training content, both from home and aboard ship, enabling them to adapt quickly and easily to the requirements of their roles,” says Roberto Martinoli, Silversea’s President and CEO. “Our onboard teams are committed to providing an entirely unique experience for our guests, with exemplary service that continuously exceeds their expectations. Our new training platform will ensure that Silversea’s trademark level of service is stronger than ever as our healthy return to service gains momentum. Our crew is an invaluable asset for our cruise line—the importance of which will only increase as we continue to expand our fleet in the coming years.”

The Silversea Learning Platform is available to crew across all ships in Silversea’s ultra-luxury fleet, as well as Expedition Team members and concessionaires. Prior to Silver Origin’s inaugural season in the Galapagos, the ship’s crew and Expedition Guides underwent intensive training over one week, familiarizing themselves with Silversea’s pioneering new addition. As part of their theoretical and hands-on training, 12 members of the cruise line’s Expedition Team earned full snorkel guide certification from the Professional Scuba Schools.

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