Santa Claus and Lordi advocate vaccinations in Rovaniemi

Finland’s best-known people, Santa Claus the ambassador of goodwill and Mr Lordi winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006, visited the Rovaniemi Town Hall vaccination centre on the 1st of August 2021. Rovaniemi is known for being the home town of both of these famous characters.

“I have already received my full vaccine series, thanks to my old age, I was one of the first to receive the vaccine”, reveals Santa Claus. “We will certainly meet this Christmas, if not face-to-face, it is also possible for us to meet remotely. I want to wish people around the world the very best of health and patience”, Santa continues.

Mr Lordi received his second dose of the vaccine on his visit. He says he has spent a year and a half staying put in Rovaniemi. “Our European tour was postponed time and time again. Bearing this in mind, times have been rather tough. Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed this past year and a half because we managed to do something that otherwise would have been impossible: we made seven albums during this time – kind of a world record”, Mr Lordi boasts.

“I just hope everybody uses common sense. If we want this world to get back to normal, or at least something close to normal, people have to realise we’re all in the same boat. My message is: take the shot!”, Mr Lordi encourages.

As of the 26th of July  Finland welcomes travellers from all countries if they have proof of valid full vaccination against COVID-19.

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