Romantic Rendezvous

By Sriram Raghavan.

I woke up to a wonderful day dawning in my mind that my 1st wedding anniversary wason the following day.The delightful moments which we created for each other were the treasure of our love story and I wanted to choose a luxurious beach destination where privacy filled with fun activities and spa facilities to celebrate our first wedding anniversary memorably.

My Internet surfing helped me well and I found a42-acre beach front resort – Chariot Beach Resorts -Mahabalipuram just the right choice I was looking for my first anniversary.  As usual on a surprise note to my wife, I drove from Bangalore. We enjoyed the finest driveways reaching Mahabalipuram in perfect six hours.

I saw a bright smile in my wife’s face once we walked into the inviting lobby which gave us the fabulous view of the ocean with the large pool-view and garden. Then I knew my first step to a memorable holiday had just began,

We were ushered to an inviting suite having known that I had booked for my anniversary, the suite was well groomed for the occasion with petals in the bed and a bouquet with my love note appropriately timed for me to give my personal welcome to my loving wife.  My wife noted that Chef had placed a small note for us with his culinary courtesy which was very thoughtful.

Our personal butler helped us unpack our luggage and gave us aquick entourage of the facilities at the resort.He told us Monuments was next door and the UNESCO heritage, Mahabalipuram ShoreTemple was in the walking distance and we have a variety of other activities such as Catamaran rides, cycling tours,Shell museum etc. to visit before sundown.

He took our reservation for the Ayurveda Spa & suggested interesting options we have to enjoy a great holiday. I liked his enthusiasm coupled with his humble attitude.We felt we are now being personally cared.

It was time for our private spa session. First think which stuck me while I entered the Ayurvedic Wellness Spa was a stunning view of the ocean, one gets to experience while taking the special treatment. To my surprise there was interesting options of treatments to choose from and the inhouse Doctor & therapist helped me pick the appropriate choice. While my wife loved the beauty & rejuvenation treatment with a relaxing view, got her completely in the happy holiday mood.

After the refreshing spa we freshened up and I decided it was time for a romantic dinner. I was informed, that we had two options, Kapi, the Multi-cuisine restaurant and Coast, the seafood restaurant. We decided on Coast, as my wife loves seafood.  It was a beautiful beach side Sea food restaurant with several gazebo’s offering a spectacular view.

We enjoyed a wonderful Seafood Dinner with savoring our favorite wine in a cozy gazebos which had a special décor making us a celebrity.We also received a complimentary cake, to celebrate our anniversary, which was very thoughtful by the team.

What made our experience so special was being together and enjoying the excellent food in our personalizedspace and commendable service. The natural ambience, ocean air and the beach made our dinner truly memorable.

 We followed this, by have a quiet drink together, at Paanam, a very cozy bar, with a stunning variety of spirits, which my wife truly enjoyed, as she can be picky when it comes to alcohol.

After this, we got back to our room, and had a wonderful night’s sleep, and woke up the following morning, feeling well rested.  We enjoyed the early morning sunrise sipping our tea at the verandah, overlooking the lush lawn and the beach.

We went to have an amazing and refreshing swim, at the Olympic sized pool, which was remarkably clean for a pool of that size.After, we had showered, we went to have a refreshing breakfast at Kapi multi-cuisine restaurant, which had an intriguing mix of continental and Indian breakfast items to choose from. We loved the ambience which had an option of an inviting upper deck lawn overlooking the swimming pool a lovely choice to enjoy the breakfast under the open sky.

Post breakfast, we got the necessary directions from the front desk, and spent the day  sightseeing, all what my wife wished to see, all barely a stone’s throw from the resort, and returned that afternoon very satisfied.

We were for a pleasant surprise when we visited 5 acres of Adventure sports arena situated in the resort which gave us the thrilling adventure experience through several obstacle course and elevated sports gamesgetting our adrenal rush to its peak.

Seeing my wife, excited of the whole experience, I decided we might as well do all we can fit into the rest of the day, and went sailing on a catamaran, with professional seeing to our needs, and making sure we enjoyed the spectacular view of the Shore temple from the sea an exhilarating experience.

Following that, my wife and I, had a long romantic walk, on the beautiful beach, which was every bit as amazing, as my wife said it would be. We returned for another great dinner at the Coast, who make some of the best seafood delicacies, we’ve ever tasted.

The next day, we left as a happy couple, and I am glad that even with my last-minute booking, Chariot, helped me, put a huge smile on my wife’s face, as well as making both of us forget, the rest of the world for a short while.

We will definitely be visiting Chariot Beach Resorts- Mahabalipuram again and will be recommending them to our friends as an ideal place for a relaxing get away, which gave us aunique experience to be cherished forever.


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Mahabalipuram is 58 Kms South of Chennai. The Pallava King Narasimha Varman I, a great wrestler, was called as MAMALLAN, hence it was named MAMALLAPURAM, are the two legends available related to the naming of this town. This has an exotic 20 Km Sea Shore that attracts both local and international Tourists. This was created by the Pallava Dynasty and was the seaport of Pallava Dynasty between 7th and 10th Century. 650 – 750 AD was considered as the Golden Age of Pallava dynasty.

It is known especially for its Temples in the form of Chariots called Rathas, Mandapams (cave sanctuaries), huge open-air reliefs such as the famous and excellent 100-foot-long “Descent of the Ganges”/ “Arjuna Penance”, and the temple Rivage with innumerable glorious sculptures of Lord Siva. Sculpture and Art college, Sculpture Workshops, Handicrafts, long and beautiful sea shore attracts millions of tourists throughout the year. Mahabalipuram was included in the World Heritage Monuments list of 1984 by UNESCO.


Chariot Beach Resorts- Mahabalipuram – 42 acres of paradise, an ideal destination for “Leisure holidays/ Residential Conference & Social events” which offers “An experience of Truly Mahabalipuram”. 

 “An Exotic Beach Front Resort“ situated  next to “Five Rathas’’ monument and walking distance  to the “ Shore Temple – UNESCO – World heritage monument” offers best of the both world of luxury and heritage.

The luxury of space & comfort in the “Large Pool side cottages and Sea View Suites / rooms” are memorable. There’s no better place to reward oneself by Relaxing at the amazing “Olympic size pool’’ or at the “Wellness Spa by the Beach” at Chariot Beach Resort.

Spa vacations are fun as they bring in enjoyment along while calming your nerves to make a new self out of you, our experts has meticulous understanding of Ayurveda and all other Intricacies that go into the making of a delightful and complete Ayurveda spa treatment.

The exclusive Beach side – “Tan mantra” -Ayurveda Spa & Wellness Create offers the finest of Ayurveda services for 1 to 28 days, a pampering experience to be natured forever.  We promise it would be a holiday completed in style with unique massages, herbs and in the luxurious lap of Bay of Bengal.

Resort ensure that the guest’ needs are well taken care with personalized attention, while services are designed and tailor made to seamlessly integrate with an ideal holiday dream to make it a reality, so go ahead and enjoy the “Extra-ordinary Experience’’@ Chariot Beach Resorts- Mahabalipuram.

Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram

Five Rathas Road, Behind Five Rathas Monument,

Mahabalipuram, Chennai – 603 104,Tamil Nadu, India.

Tel: +91 44 2742 5000,Mob: +91 94449 92727

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