Rhythm Divine

Neharhat conjures up a rare spirit of communication between man and nature that brings about harmony in mind and spirit. The perfect place to ease away the stresses and strains of day-to-day life…

About 150 kilometers west of Ranchi town is Netarhat, popularly called the ‘Queen of Chotanagpur’. The Plateau of Neharhat is four miles long and two and a half miles broad. It is a spot of rare beauty and one of the coolest places in the whole of Jharkhand. After the heat and dust of the plains, this spot, comparatively unknown to tourists from outside, provides a welcome relief with its lush jungles, greenery, and cool refreshing air. 

The most fascinating sights in Netarhat are the sunrise and sunset views. ‘Magnolia Point’, 10 km from Neharhat is famous for its stunning sunset view. 

Both the Upper Ghagri Water Falls and Lower Ghagri Water Falls are places of great scenic beauty and popular picnic spots. The Lower Ghagri Falls cascade deep down to about 320 feet and are located in a forest that is so dense where even the sun’s rays find it difficult to reach! Jharkhand’s second-highest fall, the Burhaghagh, with a sheer drop of 466 feet is also near Netarhat but at present accessible only to the hiker. 

Koel Viewpoint, 3 km from Netarhat, provides a wonderful view of the Koel River which is especially beautiful at sunrise and on moonlit nights. 

Neharhat excursions take you also to the 468 ft Lodh Falls located 61 km from Netarhat, the Sadni Falls which are a serpentine waterfall and a very popular picnic spot, and 

Betla National Park,  rich in diverse flora and fauna like tigers, panthers, and elephants. It is said that homesick soldiers during the Raj, were reminded of the Scottish moors by these winding forests, gushing streams, meadows, and breeze and thought it to be ‘near the heart’ and many feel Neharhat maybe just a distortion of that expression.  Accessibility: The nearest airport and railway station are at Ranchi. There are daily bus services from Ranchi to Netarhat.



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