Rethink the way how we are going to sell or tackle tourism globally: Arun Kumar V.K

Arun Kumar V.K., Executive Director & Co-founder, TGI Hotels

The global tourism industry has seen double-digit growth in the last decade. It is also predicted that by 2030 tourism will account for 10-13% of total global GDP and directly employ 313 million people worldwide This clearly shows tourism’s significance and its potential to create sustainable livelihoods for millions of people all over the globe.  In order to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030, there is an urgent need to rethink our tourism policies and strategies and the current model of tourism for addressing its adverse impacts on a wide range of human and ecological systems as well as for responding to calls for greater levels of sustainability in our approach to travel and tourism which will provide an opportunity to give back to the local communities. Secondly, the industry is in a boom after an unprecedented pandemic situation, and this is where the theme for the year is becoming more relevant in rethinking the way how we are going to sell or tackle tourism globally. The responsibility to involve and engage in these issues has to come from all stakeholders of the industry which includes, government bodies in framing policies, private sectors to implement, and the Travellers to be more responsible and understand, the destinations they go also to be considered as an ecosystem of their own society, thereby to support the local communities around and the planet. This can be achieved by implementing green sustainability standards and practices in our travel industry and making tourism a more inclusive sector that works towards a fairer world for all. Digital transformation in certain areas of the industry is inevitable for enhanced experiences and safety in the future but should be done by maintaining the warmth of human interactions and intervention.

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