Night under the stars by Moustache Escapes

Moustache Escapes, a travel company based in Jaipur, Rajasthan has started a journey with 200K satisfied backpackers, +80K female travelers, and +1M happy faces from abroad is now the hub of experiential travel, offering comfort, as well as luxury, stay in more than 20+ locations all over India.

Moustache Escapes has organized ‘Night  Under the Stars’—a Desert Safari in Jaisalmer (best time to visit Oct-Feb), that provides an excellent getaway for couples and even groups.  A picture-perfect spot to enjoy sleeping under the stars. This package has all the benefits for people who are looking to celebrate their special days like birthdays or anniversaries. Serving a traditional Rajasthani experience, the tour is curated with an extremely unique and comfortable ambiance, authentic Rajasthani cuisine, a stay, a private concert, and other exciting activities. The exclusive tour caters to every small detail asked for by guests, and Moustache Escapes seeks to leave a trail of memories with them.

The trip starts from the Moustache Jaisalmer and is on its way up to the haunted Kuldhara village, which is infamous for the haunted stories attached to it. One will be riding high on camels, indulging in the true Rajasthani feel. A dune-bashing activity is sure to pump one’s adrenaline.

Some thrilling dune bashing is up next as you settle into a 4×4 vehicle. Ride the dunes as you own them! The dunes of Jaisalmer have a special magnetic charm that attracts all the people that visit them. The scenic views are magnificent as the horizon is right in front of the eyes. This trek provides an enhanced private experience to families and couples who wish the escape the daily hustle and bustle of life. The desert experience is extremely refreshing since it brings you the feeling of true isolation. This experience makes you feel like you’re getting some quality alone time.

The whole trip is centered around making a wholesome experience for the guests to get acquainted with the true colours of Rajasthan.

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