Mr. GMJ Thampy, CMD of Riya Group, was awarded the prestigious Golden Visa from the UAE Government

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs of the UAE government has presented the prestigious UAE Golden Visa for ten years to Mr GMJ Thampy, CMD of Riya Group, as a credit for his four decades of excellent and value-added services offered to all types of travellers between India and UAE.

Speaking about the privilege of receiving the prestigious Visa, Mr Thampy expressed, ‘It is an absolute honour to be acknowledged and appreciated by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, UAE. We have worked closely with Emirates Airlines for years and they recommended me for the Golden Visa. I was completely overwhelmed on receiving the Golden Visa without any application. The visa is offered only to high-profile individuals such as investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, medical specialists, and stalwarts in their industry. I am extremely honoured for being able to establish a trustworthy footprint in the travel space in the UAE market and offer extraordinary services to its nationals and travellers.’

GMJ Thampy was instrumental in ensuring that the Riya Group proudly received the UAE visa quota  Riya Group is a renowned travel company and India’s largest airline consolidator that has captured 20% of the airline market in India. With a motive to build a strong relationship with suppliers and vendors across the travel and tourism industry, Mr Thampy has sustainably scaled his enterprise to a leading conglomerate with an annual turnover of 15,000 crores. Mr Thampy has set up 8 verticals under the Riya Group: Riya Travel & Tours, Riya Holidays, Riya Business Travel, Riya Marine Travel, Riya Migration Consultants, Riya Institute, Riya Travels, and Riya Study Abroad. The brand has a strong presence in India, UAE, the USA and Canada.

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