Modern, Attractive and Safe South Korea

South Korea, an attractive and safe destination located in north-east Asia where ancient temples and historic palaces coexist side-by-side with glittering skylines of glass and steel. Boasting 5,000 years of history, It has an excellent public transport network with a metro system, trains, including the KTX high-speed train and buses. Its standard of living is similar to that of Spain and each of its four seasons is interesting and attractive both for climate and scenery.
The capital city Seoul with ten million inhabitants is a safe city, with state-of-the-art technology, that never sleeps. Embracing both past and present, nature and latest technology, Seoul is now reaching beyond Asia to become a truly global city.
Busan, the country’s second metropolis, with its 3.5 million inhabitants, is a port city serving as a major logistics hub of Asia and the world. The city is not to be missed for its immense variety of touristic attractions but also its contrasting cultural heritages to the capital.

South Korea has ancient traditions and well-preserved heritage, including ancient royal palaces, shrines and tombs, thousand-year-old Buddhist temples, Confucian academies and traditional villages. It has no less than fourteen UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Visitors can enjoy a wide diversity of landscapes across its small territory of 100,210 square kilometres. Mountains cover 70% of the country’s area, and the highest peak is Mount Hallasan, at 1,950 metres. It has 18 national parks, four marine and coastal national parks, rice fields, green tea plantations and attractive beaches.

South Korea’s gastronomy is healthy and varied, and the country offers a great diversity of events and shows, such as the numerous festivals organised throughout the year. Among these are the Tea Festival, the Taekwondo Festival, and the Lotus Flower Lanterns and Ceramics Festivals.
South Korea has 13 convention centres and is a very attractive MICE destination, for which more than 100 venues for events and meetings, and numerous activities for incentive trips.

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