Make Baking a Cake with Marriott

For the cake lovers there is nothing like the aroma of a freshly baked cake and the joy of enjoying the mouth watering delight. Keeping the same spirit alive, Indore Marriott Hotel’s widely recognised Marriott Culinary Academy (MCA) rolled out Baking Class by Chef Sikander. The bakery’s Chef emphasized a healthy lifestyle and the art of cake making by teaching three types of delicious cakes at the Indore Kitchen. The bakery eatables prepared by Chef Sikander are fondly adorned by the food lovers of the city.

MCA has successfully completed three months from its launch by teaching various cooking styles keeping in view the elements of the kitchen that interests the people most. According to Mr. Somrup Chanda, Director, Food & Beverages, Indore Marriott Hotel, The Marriott Culinary Academy has received a tremendous response from the people and with in a short time, the academy has successfully established a reputation for excellence.    Expert  Chef’ s unique style of teaching recreates and reinvents the traditional way of cooking which was handed down in the past by our ancestors. The members who learned the professional baking skills returned home with an inspiration of our culture and style of food making.

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