Justbe My Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, allow yourselves to be transported to Justbe, one of the aesthetic and romantic hideaways in Bangalore city.

They have curated the perfect experience to submerge you and your special someone, deep into the realm of love.

Spice up your love life, with everything crafted, for the optimal affectionate mood: starting with the special “Love Locks” grate, where you, can write a romantic aspiration you have, on one of the colourful locks provided to you, and lock it onto the grate with your own custom key, and preserve your wish for time immemorial. Just be offers an experience reminiscent of Paris’ Love Locks Bridge, to help strengthen your bond and pamper yourselves with a specially picked 5 Course Set-Meal with Red Wine, that’ll overcome your senses with sensual, decadent delights Also accompanying the meal is an entire creamy and rich Chocolate Truffle Cake, that comes complimentary with your meal.

Enjoy your meal accompanied by the gentle flickering light of candles adorning your table, and the velvety petals that imbue the air with the subtle aroma of passionate unspoken words.  The set menu features lip-smacking salads, short-eats, refreshing beverages, wine, main course, a chocolate dessert and so much more, to tantalise your tastebuds.

Justbe is particularly noteworthy for managing to craft indulgent and unctuous desserts, like their: Sizzling Brownie with chocolate chip ice-cream, fresh fruit, and dark chocolate sauce;

Their Crillon Pie is a silky French chiffon pie, with a cookies n’ cream crust. Their Mudbites – chewy chocolate surprise brownies, coated in rich, dark chocolate and many, many more!

All of Justbe’s dishes are made with Zero Refined Products and Preservatives. No Oil, No Added Sugar, and are 100% Plant-Based!

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