In line with ITC’s commitment to scale newer heights in creating a Climate Positive and Future Tech Enterprise,  ITC Mughal is the first hotel globally to be awarded the LEED Zero Water Certification by US Green Building Council. 

The certification verifies net zero goals and the certification signals market leadership in the built environment. As part of its efforts to be self-sufficient, ITC Mughal has been following a sustainable process that ensures that water requirements for its buildings and processes are met by capturing rainwater and treating it for appropriate consumption.

The LEED Zero is the new standard for global cities, communities, and buildings as they strive to achieve a sustainable future. In LEED Zero Water, a balance is maintained between total potable water consumption and total alternative or recycled water use.  

Anil Chadha, Divisional Chief Executive-ITC Hotels said, “Sustainability is the bedrock of all operations at ITC Hotels. ITC Mughal is the first hotel globally to be awarded the LEED Zero Water Certification by the US Green Building Council. The recognition validates our Responsible Luxury ethos that seeks to integrate planet-positive experiences in various facets of hotel operations.

ITC Hotels is the largest hotel chain in the world with 22 of its hotels being awarded the LEED Platinum Certification by USGBC. Also, the World’s First Twelve hotels certified by the Council as LEED Zero Carbon are all ITC Hotels. We take this opportunity to thank our patrons and associates for their support. ITC Hotels shall continue to create world-class luxury experiences through responsible practices which are in harmony with the environment and society”.

LEED Zero encourages a holistic approach to buildings and places, which contributes to a regenerative future. Through this accomplishment, ITC Mughal has contributed to a regenerative future – one that enhances the health and well-being of guests and associates and the surrounding community.  In earning LEED Zero Water certification, ITC Mughal reaffirms its commitment to building a healthy and sustainable future.

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