ITB Berlin Convention adopts ’Mastering Transformation’ as its motto

In 2023, taking as its slogan ’Mastering Transformation’, the leading convention for the travel industry is again gathering the main international tourism actors under one roof. From 7 to 9 March 2023 at the ITB Berlin Convention, leading speakers and industry experts will discuss the current challenges facing the global travel industry, which go far beyond COVID-19 and local skills shortages. They will share their knowledge on topics such as climate change, energy supply issues, and a new global approach to safety, with their wide-ranging impact on the travel and tourism industry. The experts will provide orientation and clear ideas on how to shape the transformation towards a sustainable and successful future.

New in 2023: Themed tracks instead of days

At the leading think tank of the international travel industry, the new Board of Experts is putting together themed tracks, under headings that include Travel Technology, Marketing & Sales, Future Travel, Hospitality, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility. Taking place on their respective stages and featuring sessions on individual topics, the tracks will replace the themed days at previous events.

The main speakers confirmed who will be sharing their expert knowledge in the new themed tracks: are Maria Rocha Barros, vice president, and chief legal officer at (Marketing & Distribution Track), Kurt Ekert, president of Sabre (Marketing & Distribution Track), Kevin King, COO of Shiji Group (eTravel Track, Hotel Technology Forum), and Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, director emeritus, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIC); founder and managing director of Bauhaus Erde (Responsible Tourism Track). In inspiring keynote speeches, exclusive interviews, and panel discussions they will provide comprehensive updates and, industry experts will share their views on current trends and developments and talk about practical scenarios.

On 7 March 2023 in Hall 7.1, the ITB Future Track will examine future economic and political developments to find out which sustainability trends will bring success for tomorrow’s tourism industry. At the Marketing & Distribution Track on 8 March 2023 in Hall 7.1, leading figures from the travel and hospitality industry will share their knowledge and views and will provide comprehensive updates on how senior executives can master the upcoming transformation process.

From 7 to 9 March 2023 in Hall 6.1, the eTravel Track will focus on tech-driven innovation and digital transformation in the travel industry and how they can be put to productive use.

How to master what is now, in the future, and the new normal in tourism: that is what the Responsible Tourism Track on 9 March 2023 in Hall 7.1 is about, where among other things discussion will focus on how the industry can keep its promises to protect the environment while transforming into a sector where fairness and equality play a bigger role.

The ITB Carrier & Cruise Track on 7 March 2023 in Hall 7.1 will examine the transformation from the perspective of carriers. Both the aviation and cruise industries are facing major challenges, whose root causes are the energy crisis as well as the military conflict on Europe’s borders. Industry experts will discuss the impact of the current threat.

Destinations and DMOs are currently having to balance marketing and management, Overtourism and lack of tourism, private and public contracts, areas for tourists and locals, analogue business models, and digital innovations. On 9 March 2023 in Hall 7.1, the Destination Track will examine corresponding ideas and practical recommendations.

Following a period of far-reaching crises, a reappraisal is taking place of business ideas and value-creation models. The Tour Operator & Travel Sales Track on 7 March 2023 will highlight how the current transformation process is putting pressure on tour operators and agencies and causing a long-term impact on the market.

Adventure and outdoor tourism are becoming increasingly popular, while youth and student travel still account for a large share of the global tourism market. On 8 March 2023 in Hall 7.1.  The Youth, Adventure & Outdoor Track will focus on the topics such as what has changed? How can one prepare for the future and how can one overcome obstacles in order to make the business profitable?

The challenges currently facing the hospitality industry demand a hands-on approach, while at the same time agility and transformation are needed. What views do leading figures in the hospitality industry have on these developments? How can they combine step-by-step progress with long-term change? This is the range of topics the Hospitality Track will examine on 9 March 2023 in Hall 7.1.

A new narrative for promoting working in tourism now and in the future. The Future Work Track on 8 March 2023 in Hall 7.1 will define the basics for future success in tourism. At the same time, it will provide orientation for the struggle with skills and labour shortages and loss of expertise and report on the needs and activities of talented newcomers and travel professionals in these times of change.

Diversity & Inclusion Track, Sustainable Destination Track, Business Travel Track, MICE Track, and Medical Wellness & Health Track are other themed tracks and leading speakers and experts from the global travel industry will share their knowledge.

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