Indian Culinary Treasures Hunt at Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel

 Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel kicks off 2023 with the Indian Culinary Treasures Hunt to recognize the home cooks across India who create authentic and unique dishes highlighting their regional cuisine. Everyone prefers home-cooked food, as it provides a feeling of comfort and warmth, unlike anything else in the universe. Keeping that in mind, the Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel decided to include home-cooked food as part of its menu. Bringing eight home cooks from eight different cuisines and eight different regions under one roof through the Indian Culinary Treasures Hunt.

Chef Mahesh Padala, known for his innovations in F&B and also as a judge of Masterchef Telugu, will lead the Indian Culinary Treasures along with Executive Chef Sanjay Rawat and Sankalp Vishnu, the renowned Indian Food Critic to identify the top home cooks during the competition. In the end, the winning home cooks will work with the Feast Restaurant at the Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel.

Mr. Pranay Verdia, GM, of Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel explains “Sheraton’s purpose of 2023 is to make it Hyderabad’s gathering place both for local as well as the international community and what could be a better way than providing a platform to Home Cooks from across the country. We have seen our family members cooking for us with so much love and affection. The resource would be limited but just because they are cooking for their loved ones, the food turns out to be so delicious. We at Sheraton want to bring this love and affection accessible to our community through Indian Culinary Treasure. This entire campaign will go hand in hand with our brand’s vision “The World’s Gathering Place.” 8 home cooks from different parts of the country will participate and they will be finalized by the expert panel of judges Mahesh Padala, Sankalp, and Executive Chef Sanjay Rawat

Chef Mahesh Padala, Cluster Director of Food & Beverages, says I strongly believe in this quote, “Eating is more a matter of the mind than it is the body.” – Leon Rappoport. The Indian Culinary Treasures as it is all about highlighting the beauty of Indian regional cuisines prepared by home cooks. Food has so much of emotions and it binds relationships.  We believe that food makes us feel mentally and physically energized, enhanced, stimulated, and recharged. The love with which the food is created at home by mothers is very difficult to replicate through commercial kitchens, however, we try our best to give as authenticity as possible. Gathering the 8 home cooks from the country under one roof is very exciting for me personally as I will get a chance to interact with the home cooks and understand the nuances of  the way they prepare their authentic dishes.”

Sanjay Rawat, Executive Chef,  It’s so easy to grab fast food, so many families are losing the joy of home cooking, but it’s really important that people get back to the traditional home-cooked meals for nutritional and social reasons”.

For centuries India has been at the epicenter of Silk and Spices influencing many cuisines across this route. Indian culinary prowess and richness have been appreciated by travelers and people from across the globe. This initiative promises to provide a platform for some amazing and passionate home cooks to offer you a palate that is as culturally rich and diverse as our country.

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