Image makers must be well Trained

Every Industry needs some necessary skills for employees who are equipped to perform their jobs. Since Tourism Industry professionals have to handle people from different walks of life with different cultures workers must be well-trained and skillful, which provides good services to customers. In the Hospitality, sector Human resource practices are very important as hotel image-makers between the hotel management and the customers. Only through regular training and assessment of the staff human resources, the image can be refurnished.

As the key drive force to improve the productivity of the staff, the approach of an employer to HDPs will lead as an income generator. HRD and  HR  of any company have an aim to solve the challenges being faced in the present situation which can improve the services. The productivity of the staff will equally improve with their present status of performance index through formulating a better HR strategy to overcome the present challenges being faced in the industry.

Different internal and external factors affect HRM Practices in the Hospitality sector. External HR practices are long term and these factors include International Economic Changes. The external

factors affecting HR practices have become more and more significant of global and international dimensions due to the gradual development of the global economy.

National  Culture plays a key role in organizational preferences in the appropriate structure and method development for HR practice affectivity.

Organizational size Structure and strategy are the main Internal factors that are important to determine HR practice flexibility and integration. The importance of the top management on HR practices in designing and implementation is well known. Professionalism, manpower development, and frequent motivation are the cardinal drive towards a successful hotel business. Regular training of frontline personnel in the area of communication skills goes a long way in upgrading the frontline staff in their service delivery to their prospective customers which ensures competence skills as well as professional skills.

Technological development always modifies the performance and perspective of HR practices. Nowadays the correlation and interaction between technology and HR affect the pathways of work and the roles of the staff.

 As the nucleus of the industrial growth technology marks its role in a wide range of business advantages in the Tourism sector and also generates challenges since the workforce is dispersed geographically.

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