How & Where Will India Travel Post-COVID?

The key takeaways from the survey of  Pickyourtrail,  a  travel-tech company to study trends that will shape the travel landscape in 2020 and 2021 reads that  The Maldives remains a favourite among travel couples, Indians warm up to Staycations, Northeast India top choice apart from popular Kerala and Goa and  Express Getaways take prominence; Dubai IPL 2020 likely to boost India-Dubai travel. The survey was conducted among 2,500+ urban travellers from major Indian metros

As India enters #Unlock 3.0, about 52% of modern Indian travellers are hopeful about taking their first post-COVID holiday before December 2020 and are likely to opt for direct flights and self-drive over connecting flights for safety reasons. Homestays (23%), boutique properties (21%), and premium hotel chains (44%) have been voted as the preferred accommodation choice among travellers across the age groups of 20-34 yrs and 35-44 yrs.

 The Maldives, mainly being a stay-in destination, has emerged as the most popular choice among Indians to take their first post-COVID international break. The archipelago’s recent shot to fame among Indian celebrities and also its picture-perfect setting for honeymooners and young couples can be credited to this rising trend.

Kerala and Goa are among the popular choices for Indians to take their first post-COVID break. The pandemic has also triggered young travellers to opt for more offbeat destinations such as the Northeast India which offers varied travel experiences—from conquering the highest motorable road, Nathula Pass, on a bike or boating in the transparent waters of Dawki River near the Indo-Bangladesh border or even signing up for the colourful Hornbill Festival in Nagaland.       

Staycations = Safe-Vacations. With COVID-19 forcing almost all of humanity to stay indoors, the modern Indian traveller is fast adopting the western travel trend of Staycations at premium properties in close proximity to their homes. About 22% of respondents voted Staycations as their go-to option before they resume domestic or international travel.

Hari Ganapathy, Co-founder, Pickyourtrail said  “The world, as we knew it, has been fundamentally changed by COVID19. What the world needs more than ever today is a holiday! Interestingly, the survey report reflects this positive travel sentiment as people are hopeful of taking their first post-COVID holiday in less than six months from now. While initially, more and more people will be vacationing closer home, Staycation has emerged as a key trend among urban travellers looking for a weekend break as the boundaries between personal and professional life are more blurred than ever. The Maldives has again topped the list as the most popular destination among young couples planning their honeymoon, followed by Express Getaways like Dubai, Sri Lanka, and Bali. It is also interesting to find that at least 70% travellers are willing to spend more on enhanced on-trip safety.”

As per the survey findings, Indians are apprehensive about booking long-haul destinations at the moment and would rather place their bets on Express Getaways closer homes, such as Dubai, Sri Lanka, and Bali.

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