Himalayan Organics All Set to Revolutionize Organic Nutrition Segment

Due to the spreading awareness and concern about health, people are becoming more aware of their health and nutrition than ever before. Since people are willing to take an extra step to ensure diverse nutrients, many nutraceutical companies have started offering various wellness solutions.

Himalayan Organics, an Indore-based company, contributes to this health revolution by offering holistic wellness solutions to deal with numerous everyday health issues. Launched in 2018, Himalayan Organics recently introduced two new Product Ranges: Organic Seeds & Organic Powders.

The organic seeds range comprises Organic Flax Seeds, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, and Organic Sunflower Seeds.

 “Including such healthy seeds in your diet can help provide essential fatty acids and antioxidants for a healthy heart and body. Adding these organic seeds in your smoothies, salads, and puddings helps enhance the nutritional content in your body,” shares Mr. Vaibhav Raghuwanshi, Co-Founder and CEO of Himalayan Organics.

Ashwagandha Powder and Moringa Powder are part of the new organic powder range that the dietary supplement brand offers.

According to Mr. Vaibhav, Ashwagandha as an ingredient has been around for years as it is famously known to improve concentration and reduce stress levels. On the other hand, Moringa has been a prominent ingredient used in food and medications to improve amino acids and antioxidant profiles. Such fine powders are a great way to lead a healthy life and keep diseases at bay.

The newly launched organic superfoods have been handpicked from the lush green farms. The brand carried a series of authentic checks to bring ‘Organically Certified’ products to the market.

Himalayan Organics envisions a future where it can promote holistically healthy lifestyles by offering certified organic nutrition irrespective of age group.

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