Health Refreshing Programs at Itoozhi

The Centre for Collaborative Medicine located inside the Olde Bangalore Resort is a wellness destination for good mental and physical enhancement. Itoozhi- Ayurvedic hospital is now part of the unique medical destination, the Centre for Collaborative Medicine has introduced Health Refreshing Programs through Ayurveda.

For techniques to manage stress with an improved diet, ideal lifestyle choices, and enhanced emotional well-being and mental outlook, along with a spiritual detox, the Refreshing Health Program is a healing tool.

The refreshing health programs offered at Itoozhi have a multi-approach to work on various aspects of the body and mind. The serene atmosphere amidst nature at Itoozhi nurtures body-mind and resets physical bio-rhythms and mental equilibrium.

At Itoozhi, Ayurvedic treatments are done through these programs; Abhayangam + Bhashpa Swedam, ( specific Kerala Ayurvedic Massage using ayurvedic herbal oil applied all over the body which prevents early aging and relieves muscular aches and pain )Special Shirodhara (Pouring of medicated milk on the forehead in a continuous stream for a specific period). And Padabhyangam- A very thorough and invigorating treatment for the lower legs and feet using medicated oil

The whole treatment package comes with a stay at the Olde Bangalore Resort surrounded by an abundance of greenery and has unique tent-style cottages. Facilities include a swimming pool, indoor badminton court, a gym, and even a rifle shooting range! The restaurants at the Olde Bangalore curate the menus as prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctors one would need to follow, but add a gourmet twist. Situated in the heart of a booming biosphere, it is a great way to resonate with nature to add to the experience.

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