Global trends matter to shape the Travel & Tourism Industry

 Globally our daily work and all other aspects of life across all Industries are on the track of changes. The future of the Travel and Tourism Industry would be shaped by the forces which converge the changes around the world. The Technological political socio-economical and global demographical changes are made a powerful impact on this Industry.

 Some areas of the Tourism landscapes are turned in new directions through the expectations among consumers as the reasons for obligations for business and policymakers and as a result of in search of new opportunities to succeed.

At first glance, it seems like a challenge to manage companies which respond quickly for the customer needs and provide unique experiences but on the other side tremendous opportunities for those who can recognize them and adapt their strategies in business. Travel & Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors, accounting for more than 10% of global GDP.

As new trend consumers need to be treated as individuals and they are moving beyond experiences. Even though they like Technology they do not ease with over automation and prefer personal networks. Physical and mental well being comes as a priority to design Travel Experiences

All Travel and Tourism Industry business need to ensure their brands has a point of view to share in the global platform of discussions.

Since the availability of natural resources and health of our planet are increasingly threatened, which demands the need for balancing act in short and long-term priorities. Sustainable business solutions are essential for the robust growth of the Travel and Tourism Industry. It is our responsibility to maintain sustainable practices. Even though sustainability and resilience are interwoven they should address separately with fundamental importance

Travel and Tourism companies can perform better by embracing the new challenges as opportunities in the new phase of Tourism landscape in the present and future. With a Paradigm shift in the area of marketing Strategies and approach of the industry players can play a key role for better growth in the tourism Industry.

With experiences at the core, travel and tourism sector has the potential to design meaningful, unique, frictionless and even unplugged journeys that directly respond to these changing values. 

Rajani. A 

Executive Editor.

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