Global Tourism Forum Annual Meeting 2022 in Bali

Global Tourism Forum Annual Meeting will be held in Bali, the touristic city of  The Republic of Indonesia from17-18 November 2022 with the expectation of more than 500 delegates and planned to host tourism ministers, heads of state, and leaders of the tourism industry from 40 countries around the globe.

During the bilateral meeting, Mr. H.E. Sandiago Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy expressed that they will give all support for the GTF Annual Meeting and that tourism is very important for Indonesia. The GTF Annual Meeting Becomes a New Milestone for the Awakening of the Tourism Industry.

 “Global Tourism Forum Annual Meeting event is the largest on the GTF scale. This GTF annual meeting will present more than 500 delegates consisting of a large number of tourism industry executives, investors, and high-ranking officials from many countries around the world,” explained SaptaNirwandar, Chairman of Indonesia Tourism Forum (ITF) at the launch of the GTF Annual Meeting at the Pullman Hotel Jakarta.

Besides Sapta, the launch of the GTF Annual Meeting was also attended by Mr. BulutBagci, President of the World Tourism Forum Institute (WTFI) and the Deputy for Tourism Products and Activities of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy RizkiHandayani, as well as leaders of associations of tourism industry players.

In his virtual remarks, MenparekrafSandiagaSalahuddin Uno invited world investors, tourism industry players, and all stakes holder related to the success of this event. As Sandiaga stated that the election of Bali as a venue by WTFI is the right choice and can be a milestone in the revival of Indonesian tourism.

The arrival of the President of WTF MrBulutBagci and his team to Jakarta in addition to attending the event launching The 2022 GTF Annual Meeting will also conduct site inspection on several facilities in Bali that are considered appropriate as a venue

The international community’s trust in Indonesia as a safe tourist destination is the basis for Indonesia’s selection as the host of the 2022 GTF annual meeting.

“The annual GTF meeting will be a new milestone for the revival of the Indonesian tourism industry. We hope that the gathering of the best players and the most strategic people in the tourism industry will trigger a revival of global tourism, especially in Indonesia. Not only will we recover together, but we will also recover stronger, ‘ said Santa optimistically.

The GTF annual meeting is organized by the ITF in collaboration with the World Tourism Forum Institute (WTFI) and supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Bali Provincial Government, and all tourism industry associations.

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