Germany welcomes Indians to enjoy a sense of connection

The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) invites Indian travellers to embark on an enchanting journey through Germany’s unspoiled forests, spectacular rocky landscapes, and lonely mountain peaks, keen travellers would do well to embrace Germany’s ‘Stay a Little Bit Longer’ initiative and explore numerous of the country’s regions and make the most of the abundance of diverse experiences they have to offer this summer season

Summer season is already beginning in Germany. During the warmer months of the year, Germans love to spend as much time outside as possible. During the summer month, daylight will be there until 10 pm in Germany. These extra hours of daylight lend themselves to outdoor celebrations and performances.

Germany is a true paradise for nature lovers and those who prioritize sustainability in their travel. With its breathtaking landscapes, picturesque villages, and commitment to eco-friendly tourism, Germany offers an experience for Indian travellers who wish to explore the beauty of Mother Nature while enjoying a sustainable vacation and learning about innovative sustainability practices.

“Germany is a destination that combines history, culture, and adventure to offer Indian travellers a truly unforgettable experience. From exploring the stunning castles of Bavaria to tasting delicious German cuisine and experiencing the buzzing nightlife in Berlin, Germany has something to offer every type of traveller. We look forward to welcoming more Indian travellers to our beautiful country in the coming years.” said Romit Theophilus, Director of, the German National Tourist Office in India.

With such variety to choose from, Indian visitors to Germany will not be left short even if they go for an extended stay. Those seeking places surrounded by plentiful greenery are in for a treat with a wide selection of parks, botanical gardens, and open spaces across Halle, Kassel, Essen, and Osnabrück. All four cities provide plenty of recreation within their ‘urban jungles’. Furthermore, a visit to Halle’s mountain zoo, located on the elevated Reilsberg north of the Old Town, is a green scene not to be missed. Likewise, the panoramic views from the Hercules monument in Kassel and the enormous water features at the Wilhelmshöhe Palace complex, which is Europe’s largest mountain park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Having worked up an appetite, vegans can find a wide selection of creative meat-free restaurants, bistros, and coffee houses across Germany. The meat-free culinary landscape has become even more colourful, sustainable, and delicious, and now includes attractive creations for people who want to do without animal products altogether.

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