From Boutiques to Souks – Sharjah

Sharjah’s modern malls, stylish shops and boutiques along with unique souks and bazaars make it a Shoppers’ Paradise. From apparel and electronics to jewellery and perfumes to dates and spices to gold – there is something for everyone. The city has several shopping areas with busy malls, large showrooms and department stores and centres, as well as exciting furniture warehouses full of artefacts and antiques, with fantastic promotions throughout the year.
Whatever your budget is, Sharjah has got you covered, catering to both high-end to budget-friendly shopping.

High-end Shopping
The Sahara Centre: The Sahara Centre is one of the leading shopping destinations in the UAE and is strategically located on the Dubai-Sharjah Highway. Since it opened its doors in February 2002, the mall has become a landmark that is today bigger and better than ever before.

Experience a diverse range of shopping outlets, dining options and entertainment facilities offering some of the world’s leading brands in a convenient and easy to access location. The Sahara Centre has recently expanded its offering with new upgraded facilities, restaurants and additional stores as part of a one million square feet extension that is now complete.

There are entertainment options such as Novo Cinemas and the largest indoor entertainment park in the UAE – Adventureland. A sprawling dynamic theme park showcasing 21 thrilling rides & attractions, including the UAE’s first indoor roller coaster, an elevated train for kids, 2-level Go-Kart facility, the first moto coaster and one of the biggest 4-level soft play area for kids.

Zero 6: Zero 6 is the emirate’s lifestyle destination. The go-to venue for families looking for unique entertainment, leisure, shopping and fitness activities closer to home and under one roof. Zero 6 combines a sophisticated contemporary design with a diverse selection of dining, retail and leisure attractions.

Strategically located in Al Juraina in close proximity to prominent city landmarks, such as Sharjah’s University City, Zero 6 celebrates Sharjah’s evolving identity through an inspiring lifestyle community experience, where trendsetters will constantly feel at home. Zero 6 has magnificent outdoor that gives access to a range of restaurants and cafes, through to indoor and outdoor seating areas.
Mega Mall: Spanning four floors, Mega Mall is a great place to visit for a day of family fun. There are more than 150 stores covering fashion, accessories, electronics and toys, as well as a food court and cafés. Additionally, Kids will love Antic’s Land, an indoor theme park with 30 rides, including a roller coaster and mini ferries, while the whole family can enjoy a film at Novo Cinemas.
Rolla Gold Market: Rolla Gold Market is one of Sharjah’s top shopping destinations for jewellery lovers. It is home to a high concentration of retailers, including notable names such as Damas Jewellery, Malabar Gold & Diamonds and Kalyan Jewellers.

Enjoy walking between stores and browsing the wide selection of gold, ranging from 18- to 24-carat, as well as precious gems, semi-precious stones, pearls and jewellery from India and Italy.

Markets and Budget-friendly Shopping
Central Souq: A comprehensive retail experience housed in beautiful architecture, Sharjah’s Central Souq offers hundreds of shops that range from gold, silver, traditional, ornaments, carpets and handicrafts.
Souk Al Arsah: The oldest market place in the UAE used to be a meeting place for Bedouins and their camels in the olden times. Stepping into the souq seems like one is taking a journey back in history. Souk Al Arsah once attracted merchants from Persia and India, along with local Bedouin who traded charcoal for rice. It’s now a covered market with air-conditioned alleyways featuring solid wooden doors, beautiful coral brick walls and hanging lanterns.

What we loved were the quaint stores that sell old-time treasures – from pearl chests and copper coffee pots to jewellery, perfume bottles and incense. We would suggest you review the day’s purchases over a cup of Arabic coffee at the café in the centre of the souq or go home and snack on the delicious sweets at the popular halwa shop.

Textile Souq: From exclusive beaded material, heavy lace, the finest saris and silks to ‘designer’ fabrics, the city’s stores have a treasure trove of high-quality textiles from all over the world.

It’s worth investigating fabric shops alongside the Creek in Al Shuwaiheen area and around Rolla Square Park, along with the stalls in the Central Souk, Souk Al Soor textile centre opposite King Faisal Mosque and Al Shaab Village.
Date Souq: There are tonnes of fresh and dried dates on display at this small souk, and traders encourage you to sample their wares as you browse. Dates can cost as little as Dhs10 per kilogram or as much as Dh150, depending on the variety and quality. Popular varieties to look out for include Medjool, Arwa, Bou Maan and Dabbas.

Souq Al Shanasiyah: Built on the foundations of one of the oldest and most vibrant souks in the region, this beautifully renovated souk specializes in regional designers and unique wares. Each shop is divided in two, with the artisans busy at work on one side and their goods for sale on the other.

Shop for stylish furniture and homewares, prayer beads, Arabian perfumes and oils, and high-quality clothing including bespoke pandoras and handcrafted abayas. Refuel at a speciality coffee house and enjoy delicious Emirati cuisine at Al Saroud Traditional Restaurant.

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