Epitome of change- Econtone Camps

Are you fed up with these monotonous travel packages?  Yes, then climb to Kannan Devan Hills in Munnar to experience the real nature. Econtone promise some of the most ethnic experiences in tune with nature and local tradition which are sure to enthrall, excite and enlighten. In short, an escapade that will leave you relaxed, satisfied and yearning for more!

A transitional zone, usually the boundary between two different ecosystems

The transitional zone between two distinct natural communities, an ecotone is the epitome of change. This aptly sums up the role Ecotones, a boutique resort, hopes to play in today’s fast-paced world: a camp far away from the madding crowd, one that will rekindle in you the joy of soaking in the captivating beauty of the outdoors. The resort promise some of the most ethnic experiences in accord with nature and local traditions, which are sure to enthral, excite and enlighten you. In short, an escapade that will leave you relaxed, satisfied and yearning for more!

Ecotones were born out of a passion to bring guests closer to nature. While most hotels and resorts utilize the beauty of nature and the wilderness to sell them, there are very few that give back to nature or contribute to conservation in any way. Ecotones attempts to imbibe Eco-tourism culture in its true sense which highlights responsible travel that does not damage the environment, contributes to its conservation, and improves the well-being of local people. Guests can indulge in nature-oriented exploratory activities such as bird watching and nature trails or can just sit back and enjoy the scenic view. With activities such as cycling and guided nature walks will take one step closer to nature – and inculcate an interest for the natural world through observation and learning about its many intricacies.

As a part of ensuring community involvement and upliftment of local communities 90 percent of the staff at Ecotones are local people, who were trained in accordance with contemporary tourism standards. Many fruits and vegetables are sourced locally, so that local farmers, small businessmen & women profit from Ecotones. Guests can visit local farmers, interact with them and try their hand at harvesting organic produce too.

Ecotones also conduct small programs including awareness sessions about nature and wildlife includes discussions with the locals so that the local community benefits in as many ways as possible. Local clean-up drives and native tree sapling planting programs are also underway. The target of these programs is to reach out to the public about the necessity for nature conservation.

The mud houses are architectural marvels constructed using custom-made chemical-free and completely eco-friendly mud-bricks and thatched grass roots laid by local tribesmen called Muthuvans, in their traditional style. The ethnic mud walls are perfect contrast to the contemporary interiors – a novel experience that awaits you at Ecotones where one can enjoy the rustic flavor of a hut, equipped with modern amenities.

You can relish some of the local delicacies of the High Ranges – an overwhelming mélange of spices, tubers and meats at Inji, the ethnic restaurant. To add the true flavor of local cuisine, the menu is very traditional and does not offer exotic or Continental cuisine. The local ethnic food prepared from locally-sourced ingredients gives an opportunity to sample local flavors and delicacies.Kappa (a delectable main course of steamed tapioca aka cassava) served with the local red chilly-flavored fish curry, Inji curry (a ginger-based side dish traditionally served with red rice and other vegetable accompaniments), Avial (a coconut-based mix of several vegetables with special hill-side inclusions such as Chinese potatoes or koorka) and local slow-cooked chicken curry are just a few of our many specialties.

With an inventory of just nine rooms, Ecotones is a small retreat by usual standards but the variety offer is refreshingly exciting. The elegant and spacious superior cottage is also equipped with its own private sit out area and is a perfect place to relax – with untainted night skies, and cries of cicadas for company. Watch the gentle sun rays dance through your bamboo screens and do look out for one of our favourite birds – a beautiful metallic blue and black songster who will serenade you at dusk and dawn with his melodious whistles – the endemic Malabar whistling thrush or whistling schoolboy, found only in the Western Ghats.

Ecotones are nestled at the foothills of the High Ranges –  in the small hamlet of Muthuvankudi – just a forty-minute drive from the Munnar town. The beautifully scenic Chengulam Dam is less than a kilometer way from Ecotones.

Boating, Bird watching, Butterfly walks, Cycling, Interactions with local farmers, Local cuisine demonstration, Local school visits, Nature trails, Photography sessions, Village walks, Spice plantation visits and Munnar sight-seeing are the activities. No doubt it is a place where you can unwind in the lap of nature and transit into the wild.


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