Chocolaty Trails in Flanders

The Flemish cities like Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels all standout as one of the world’s most chocolaty destinations mesmerizing the visitors with their amazing Belgian chocolate offerings. Given the already known attractions like ‘Bruges Choco Story’ and the famous chocolaty trails of Antwerp, the cities have recently added some extensions to completely woo their tourists while providing a memorable time in Flanders.

New Chocolate Demos, Workshops & Tastings in Antwerp

Carolien Krinjnen, a chocolate enthusiast, Antwerp-lover and chocolate tours organizer has gone an another step forward by now opening her own professional chocolate studio exclusively designed for tasting, workshops and chocolaty fun in a cozy Sint-Andries quarter in Antwerp. After a cup of coffee and a brief explanation of working around with chocolate, visitors can create their own chocolate and practice for 2-2.5 hours. All techniques like tempering, molding, enrobing can be experienced at this place in a beautiful setting. 

‘Chocovibes’ is another organizer that has initiated tastings and workshops in the chocolate bar Quetzal in the city centre. During the tasting session, visitors can taste different chocolate blends with different chocolate percentages while finding out more about the history of chocolate in the different countries producing the chocolate. To end it on the high note, the session ends with the tasty chocolate fondue. The two hour session gives few tasting options including introduction to chocolate, chocolate and spices, chocolate and infusions, chocolate and spirits. Not just that, while tasting all the chocolate, visitors can prepare their own chocolate drink or desserts.

Newly Opened Workshops in Choco Story, Bruges

‘Choco Story’, the chocolate museum of Bruges conducts workshops for all kinds of audiences. There are specialized workshops for kids between 9-12 year olds where they learn to draw and colour using chocolates. On the other hand, some other themed workshops include tutorials to make pralines, truffles, mendiants and much more. The museum has also initiated ‘A stone’s Trow,’ a chocolate walk through the city with information about the beautiful sights, curiosities in the city and tickets for chocolate samples at some artisan chocolatiers along the road.  Both the cities are rocking themselves up with their chocolate offerings on the display. Not just that, Bruges also flaunts some perfect chocolaty feels like chocolate cosmetics and therapeutic centre, museum of Bakery and Patisserie, and much more making it a perfect choco-lover’s paradise.

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