Burger Singh plans its expansion in Pink City, Jaipur

Burger Singh, the 3rd largest burger chain in India, has achieved remarkable success by infusing Indian flavors into Western burgers, making it a household name. The chain has experienced tremendous growth in the past year, with over 100 outlets in 54 cities, 83 of which are operational and 20 currently being fitted out. Burger Singh recently also announced plans to expand in other states, including 35 outlets in Maharashtra, 8 in Madhya Pradesh, 48 in Gujarat, 16 in Bihar, 6 in Jharkhand, and 8 in Odisha.

“We are overjoyed by the love we have received from the people of Jaipur. The phenomenal performance of our existing outlets has motivated us to open more branches in the city as our unique blend of Indian and Western flavours has been a phenomenal hit with fast food lovers in the Pink City,” said Kabir Jeet Singh, Founder & CEO of Burger Singh.

Burger Singh’s success in fusing Indian flavours into their burgers is a great example of innovation in the fast food industry. Their approach has resonated well with consumers beyond metros, leading to their rapid growth and expansion. Expanding to multiple states and cities is a significant milestone for any fast food chain, indicating a strong demand for their offerings. It takes a well-rounded approach to succeed in the competitive QSR industry, and it seems that Burger Singh has found the right formula to stand out and appeal to their target market.

“We are proud to be India’s first and largest homegrown burger chain. As a brand, we constantly seek to evolve and provide customers with innovative and exciting options. Our commitment to quality, affordability, and convenience has made us a trusted choice not just for fast food lovers across the country but also for budding entrepreneurs who want to become a part of the Burger Singh story.” said Rahul Seth, Co-founder of Burger Singh.

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