There is nothing more rejuvenating than brunch with your near and dear ones on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Sheraton Grand Palace Indore has come up with a 90’s Classic Brunch that will transit one back to those days from 19th and 26th December 2021. A perfect mix of spice, sweetness, and sourness, the chefs at Sheraton Grand Palace Indore have put together these delicious cuisines that encapsulate all flavour profiles with a touch of the 90s.

Indulge in an amalgamation of fun and frolic teamed up with an elaborate spread that includes classic dishes from the 90s like Potato spring roll, American chopsy, Soya rogan josh, Rara soya cheap among others.

Experience the vibrant and varied flavours and make your Sundays heart-warming with the specially-themed Sunday Brunch. at Sheraton Grand Palace Indore.

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