Beautiful golden-brown leaves, a brisk breeze, amazing vistas; though it isn’t a sight that we get to see in India Autumn is one of the most spectacular seasons possible, But  you can check out these top 5 destinations that will give you a front-row seat for the breathtaking show called nature.
Kyoto, JapanWhile it’s extremely famous for the elusive cherry blossom season, the autumn season is an equally spectacular sight in Kyoto, especially with the profusion of maple leaves. That being said, there are innumerable other sights that make this unique city worth visiting. Here you can explore the numerous classical Buddhist temples, gardens, imperial palaces, Shinto shrines and the charming traditional wooden houses. 
Loire Valley, FranceWhile the Loire Valley showcases the best of French splendour, style and gastronomy, there’s also no better place to experience true autumn, with its smooth, rolling vineyards and beautiful forests and especially if you happen to go during harvest time. This is also the perfect time to sit back and relax with the best of wines, after the grapes are harvested. 
Bavaria, GermanyWhile excellent for skiing, the Alps are also known for the dense forests that pop with colour against snow-dusted mountains, making this the perfect place for some super-fun leaf-watching. After that, you can go on a drive along the Franconia wine region-where local wine festivals punctuate the autumn calendar-heading through centuries-old towns such as medieval Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Dinkelsbühl, learn more about Bavaria’s state-of-the-art motor industry, indulge in some amazing local cuisine, immerse yourself in its poignant history, or simply explore the amazing city. 
Aspen, ColoradoWith its gorgeous golden-brown aspen trees, Aspen is one of the most popular destinations in the fall season, mainly due to the amazing scenic beauty. While there’s so much more you can do here, from cross-country skiing, hot-air ballooning, hiking, biking, rock-climbing and fishing to horseback riding and paragliding, the autumn beauty it’s still its biggest draw.  
Lombardy, Italy  Lombardy is one of the best destinations for an autumn vacation as it’s relatively mild and an ideal place to see the mainland burst into colour. Stretching from the Alps to the valleys, it boasts of breathtaking views and gorgeous mountains, all of them covered with the native poplars that turn a brilliant yellow in the autumn. It’s also a great place to explore medieval towns, peaceful lakes, amazing architecture, beautiful churches and so much more.

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