Amsterdam-A glimpse of the Venice of the North

As you stroll upon the hundreds of bridges that arch over the many canals crisscrossing Amsterdam, its legendary architecture envelopes you in a warm vibe that will resonate with you throughout your visit to Venice of the north.

Walk through any part of the city and you are bound to find something so magnificent that you are left spellbound, like the scores of street concerts that take place every day, the thousands of beautiful monuments with their own old-world charm and the wealth of art for connoisseurs, some of the greatest achievements in Western art for instance, from Rembrandt to Van Gogh and so many more.

If you are one of the more experimental traveller, then you’ll also be one of the lucky few to experience the sights often missed out on a map. As you go beyond the areas frequented by tourists and explore  As you explore this charming city, it stands to reason that you will soon start feeling the need further, you’ll find some quaint little lanes that hold some of the truly local experiences like quaint stores, beautiful gardens, floating houseboats and so much more.

For some  nourishment. In such a case, fret not! Not only is the cuisine here absolutely mouthwatering and a culinary delight, it also gives an insight into the historical legacy of this city, with the strong influence of Dutch colonialism evident with Indonesian restaurants being common across the city, and the prevalence of the famous Dutch cheese

Viren Batra, CEO & Co Founder of nirvana excursion said, “. A vacation  to Amsterdam  is a true indulgence and is the best gift you can give yourself.”

Tower of many talents, A’dam Toren, offers unlimited memory making moments to its visitors. It gives a 360-degree view of the capital that includes its historical centre, its pulsating port, the unique Dutch polder landscape and much more. Besides, it also hosts several cool bars and restaurants, and a bunch of pioneering music companies like ID&T, MassiveMusic and Gibson. Visitors can also view Amsterdam in whole new light, while dinning at the revolving restaurant – Moon.

A’dam Toren looks brand new, but this iconic landmark’s history actually lays in 1971, when it was owned by the oil company -Royal Dutch Shell. Subsequent to a multi-million euro refit, the tower was born in early 2016 as one of most visited tourist attractions in Amsterdam.

Complementing the name given to it, A’dam Toren is all about the view from almost the sky. It is also home to Europe’s highest swing-Over the Edge. It is a 100-metre-high swing, where people swing to and fro over the edge of A’dam Toren with the capital underneath their feet. Be there to see the sun disappear behind the city. Over the Edge is open every day from 11:00 am.

The creators of A’dam Lookout have also kept in mind what perks should be given to the little guests visiting the place. There is a special section for children where they can enjoy interactive games, while exploring the miniature model of the city.

A’dam Toren has the capability of striking the right chord with everyone who visits. Visitors will get the chance to experience extraordinary sensory sights, breathtaking sceneries, groundbreaking technologies, delicate flavours and subtle scents of fresh air. In short, all the good reasons are backing A’dam Lookout, which is an all-weather tourist hotspot.

Holland has it all to inspire discerning shoppers.With everything from multi-storey department stores, exclusive boutiques to antiques and contemporary Dutch design, While some people shop for clothes, jewellery and shoes, others have an eye for art, design and literature. Netherlands has everything and more when it comes to satiate the needs of a quirky shopper.

Located in Amsterdam’s Jordaan district, the Haarlemmerstraat-and its extension, the Haarlemmerdijk – is a rare gem. With 235 stores offering fashion and accessories, jewellery, gifts, toys, books, electronics, sportswear and specialty delicatessens��\” the biggest problem you’ll face in Leiden will be deciding where to spend your money.

To put it simply: shopping in Delft is the best experience ever. The shopping district is located in the old city centre. Delft is a home to a number of streets including Oude Delft, Choorstraat, Voldersgracht, Wijnhaven, and more that offer a broad range of fashion boutiques, cheese and wine shops and specialty shops.

One visiting Eindhoven for shopping will come out more than satisfied as it offers both indoor and outdoor shopping experience. Utrecht  city centre forms a lovely backdrop for a day of shopping. The Lijnmarkt is a bustling, busy street in Utrecht with many fashion and shoe shops. Here you can catch glimpses of the beautiful Oude Gracht, which also boasts plenty of special fashion and jewellery shops.

Once you have seen the museums, visited the restaurants and discovered the harbours, it is time for some exclusive shopping in Rotterdam. If you want to stay away from the big high streets and shopping malls, you may want to know where to find the most original shops in Rotterdam.  Shopaholics who are searching to get new stuffs home; Holland is a right place for you. The country boasts a wide variety of unique stores, great little shopping streets and shopping malls.

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