Alternative Tourism for further development

Tourism as a major industry has many players who can impact many small and medium businesses in the country and this Industry also have some unique characteristics and challenges. The snowballing nature of the impacts of this Industry always throws these challenges to governments all over the world.

With developments in the Tourism sector, the economic process of each destination is influenced across many levels. But for increased efficiency, a more calculated approach towards diversification in Tourism is the need of the hour for both consumers and the Industry as well.

Developments in tourism will not be efficiently possible as long as local communities and establishments are neglected or not allowed to participate. More and more developing countries are starting to be fully aware of the potential benefits of tourism and those who have suitable tourism infrastructure have already prioritized well ahead and use their tourism Industries for economic development.

The contribution of Tourism to create a socio-political environment for peaceful co-existence of societies with diversified cultures have already been established at various levels globally. Responsible and sustainable tourism is paramount in maintaining the equilibrium of global peace and natural sustainability to position tourism as one of the most peaceful industries.

In modern times, travelers are not satisfied with just stereotypical itineraries like the sun, sand, and sea. A while ago, little awareness about new unexplored destinations caused most people to flock to the most popular places but now the scenario is different, and travelers are more aware of opportunities mainly thanks to the Technological revolution. Travelers have made changes in their itineraries from familiar and established destinations to unexplored destinations and it is time to change the attitude of the Tourism industry as well.
Since its potential has the capacity to influence the economy of the country directly or indirectly and no doubt is left in the case of Tourism whether it can influence local regional and national economies.

Alternative Tourism is one solution to satisfy the diverse and different needs of customers. It is the one tried and tested answer to today’s value-oriented Tourists. Alternative tourism reforms can perhaps change the entire tourism industry and will make tourism far more responsible. It can also act as a new marketing tool to woo the footfalls of those who belong to the responsible class or are more focused on getting experiences.

Traditional Mass tourism has its own limits since the benefits are limited whereas alternative tourism is termed as more beneficial. Now due to Globalization, countries are increasingly dependent on each other all over the world. Every negative shock in one country can be spread to other countries. Through practicing Alternative Tourism. the increased risk due to the interconnection and interdependence of economies can be greatly minimized.

Rajani. A

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