A Sri Lankan gastronomic adventure with Chef Jude Fernando at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

Four Seasons Mumbai invites guests on a culinary experience of Sri Lanka, that will transport food lovers to the coastal land of the south with waves of vibrant flavours to delight the taste buds! Presented by their newly appointed Executive Chef Jude Fernando, a Sri Lankan national, at San: Qi, the hotel’s stylishly modern pan-Asian restaurant. The festival is a gastronomic adventure through the rich and flavourful traditions of Sri Lankan cuisine, featuring an array of authentic and mouthwatering dishes from the beautiful island nation.

Chef Jude Fernando’s carefully curated menu includes dishes from his hometown that reflect the unique blend of influences and spices found in Sri Lankan cooking. Chef Jude, a culinary virtuoso, has previously graced the palates of discerning diners while being a part of the preopening of Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai as well as the tropical paradise of Four Seasons Resorts Maldives as its esteemed Executive Chef. Now with his extensive knowledge and passion for Sri Lankan flavours and cuisine, Chef Jude showcases his culinary expertise at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai embodied in a menu that presents the authentic tastes and aromas of Sri Lanka.

The ingredients have been specially handpicked from the markets of Colombo and brought to Mumbai by Chef Jude. Guests are invited to indulge in an exquisite offering of appetisers like the traditional green banana ‘Alukesel Patties’ and the delectable ‘Maalu ambul tiyal’, a traditional fish curry, that is made to captivate the senses. From the fiery flavours of traditional curries to the comforting aromas of coconut-infused rice, each dish is carefully crafted to bring the authentic taste of Sri Lanka to the table. Sample the succulent “Bittara Appa,” a traditional pancake served with a variety of fillings, and indulge in a range of coconut-based desserts marking a sweet finale to a charming culinary journey.

To complement the culinary extravaganza, the skilled bartenders at San:Qi have crafted a selection of Sri Lankan-inspired cocktails and mocktails, using native ingredients like Ceylon tea, exotic tropical fruits, and local spices.

“The festival at San:Qi is a tribute to the diverse heritage and culinary treasures of this beautiful island that I am lucky to call home,” says Chef Jude Fernando, Executive Chef. “We invite our guests to an authentic and unforgettable experience that has been meticulously curated, so every bite tells a story of tradition, passion, and the vibrant spirit of Sri Lanka.”

With an ambiance reminiscent of Sri Lanka’s warm hospitality and cultural charm, guests can enjoy the incredible flavours that await them while immersing themselves in the vibrant colours and soothing sounds at San:Qi.

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